Wednesday, July 3, 2013

PNR #2

Unfortunately due to storage constraints Play Nemesis Radio #1 & 2 will no longer be available for download or streaming. Please enjoy PNR from episode 3 forward as we work to increase storage capacity. Thank you for understanding.

This week we explore the wonderful world of mead homebrewing, what the heck grog really is, sparking sci-fi nerd rage, Sofabear and Nemeis' retail pasts, the secrect origins of our host's online aliases, and our suggestion for the latest entry in the Debbie Does... series.
Staring: Sofabear, Nemesis, and Butternubs
Running Time: 46min 31sec
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  1. I'm surprised cysers didn't come up. That's the next fermented mixture I'm looking into.

    I've found making mead, especially buying honey is fairly cheap. 1 gallon can fill 5 wine bottles. For a mead of approximately 13% ABV, you only need to buy about 2.5 pounds of honey. Depending on the brand, this can be acquired for about $13. Dry champagne yeast costs about $4. Per bottle, then, you end up paying only $3.something.

    Fruit might actually cost more than the honey. Many recipes ask for a pound of strawberries, for example, per gallon. Depending on the season, this will usually cost more than the honey. Fruit extracts are a good alternative and are cheaper. They also have the benefit of consistent taste over time and fewer levels of citric acid.

    I loved the stories about retail and the different voices and accents. I believe I had a few crooked stares in my direction from fellow drivers as I laughed out loud and slapped my steering wheel.

    1. Thanks for the input! I actually have been thinking a lot lately about adding different oil extracts from various exotic spices into alcoholic beverages during the brewing process, based off the success the soda industry as seen with it over the last 100 years+. Look for an Open Cola discussion in future episodes.