Tuesday, July 23, 2013

PNR #5

The Outtake Episode! We were not able to find time to get togther to record this week. However since there was so much audio cut from PNR #4 we decided to put it togehter as a little outtakes episodes. In this special episode we discuss: Caution this episode is VERY NSFW at times. A micro-micro brewery for sale online, things that annoy Sofabear, more boat restaurants, our inability to agree on word etymology, a possible theme for PNR #4, if we were a mixed drink, NASA printing food, office pranks, Gremlins 2 and Svengoolie, and Sofabears inablility to end the episode in one take. 
Starring: Sofabear, Nemesis, and Butternubs
Running Time: 45min 35sec
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