Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PNR #12

Saint Molotov returns this week for a particularly crazy episode. Nemsis starts off by trying to convince SofaBear into a ridiculous cosplay, we discuss the scary origins of warning lablels, our confusion over the Michelin Man, SofaBear rages over in-app purchases, our take on the actors annouced to play Rocket Raccoon and Ultron, a brief look at if Voltron was a rich old man, a look at how games attempt to keep players engaged, we create the worlds worst adult film star, Saint Molotov informs us of the importance of proper unicorn battle armor, and we try to get WebMD to diagnos us with cancer.
Starring: SofaBear, Nemesis, Butternubs, and Saint Molotov
Runtime: 53min 16sec
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