Saturday, September 7, 2013

SofaBlog #1

Hey Everyone, SofaBear here! If you've listened to any measurable amount of PNR, I'm sorry for mauling any childhood memories, you know that we discuss a lot of geeky, stupid, and strange topics. In the interest of keeping the podcast discussions moving forward we try not to stay fixed on, or dive too deep into, any single topic. In clear opposition of our authoritarian rule, some people have requested to hear/learn more about some topics covered on the show or those similar in nature. In response I have started the "SofaBlog." The SofaBlog is a weekly ranting by yours truly covering specific topics chosen by you the fans. The first entry is Film Adaptations of Comic Book Movies: Why Reboot. New entries will be posted weekly, a regular release schedule will be announced in the near future once I decide on a good day. All entries can be found on the right side of the PNR blog listed under "Rantings." If you have a topic you would like to see covered feel free to post it on our facebook page or you can send it to me directly at


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