Wednesday, October 23, 2013

PNR #18

A super hero heavy episode this week. Things start off wierd, as usual, with talk of horoscopes, we learn leopard seals think divers are hungry, a listener question about what super heor we would, we realize there are ome really lame X-Men, SofaBear loves Hawkeye, Gotham was better off with Batman's parents alive, a discussion about if having a group of super heroes in a large city is a good thing, a look at who we think are the lamest super heros, a realization that everything Batman was pretty terrible in the 1960's, a look at over-powered super heros, and the great loin cloth of many pants.
Starring: SofaBear, Nemesis, Butternubs, and Scat Moerens
Running Time: 50min 57sec
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