Sunday, December 29, 2013

PNR #26

After a short holiday break your favorite podcast crew is back determined to not understand how calendars work, SofaBear played a sub par game about a Ronin, we prefer our alcoholic beverages more bitter less not frozen sugar, college students don't understand alcohol, we finally succumb to discussing What Does the Fox Say, music taste is all relative, SofaBear blames Nazareth for power ballads, Pandora is making us listen to off genre music, Nemesis played The Binding of Isaac, and more Kerbal Space ProgramStarring: SofaBear, Nemesis, and Butternubs
Running Time: 55min 42sec
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

PNR #25

The days as short as ever and we're losing our minds as we discuss: if VHS tapes had extra features, we don't understand crappy Beats by Dre headphones, we don't buy into status symbols, trucks in are super annoying to us, we don't like other drivers in general, brain chiggers, more offensive Canadian jokes, we pitch a new less than less-than-lethal nerf gun, spying in World of Warcraft, conspiracy theories are stupid, extreme LARPing, and we love Sean Connery.
Starring: SofaBear, Nemesis, Butternubs, and Trillnor
Running Time: 55min 42sec

Saturday, December 14, 2013

SofaBlog #7: The New Beta

It's time again for a new SofaBlog! With the popularity of games like Minecraft and Spacebase DF-9 SofaBear decided it was time to tackle paid-Betas and perpetual development. Check out all of his rantings on the subject in SofaBlog #7: The New Beta.
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

PNR #24

We start things off right, complaining about pizza, we look back on some classic comedians, Saint Molotov is a nerd-redneck hybrid, we hear about Saint Molotov's near death experience, SofaBear's hometown police officers are apparently bored, Butternub's hometown police officers don't like gingers, Nemesis hates everyone, the new trends of Knock Out and the Cotton Ball diet are ridiculous, adventures from SofaBear's school years, Kiss isn't the same, and we love Alice Cooper
Starring: SofaBear, Nemesis, Butternubs, and Saint Molotov
Running Time: 50min 10sec
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

PNR #23

Saint Molotov is back and he brought science with him, this week we look at: a unique toilet, the Steam Autumn Sale, Space Base DF-9, our attempt to layout plans to create a new form of measurement using swinging balls, interesting twitter argument, Saint Molotov breaks Butternubs, some of our favorite Sci-Fi series', and we loathe black Friday.

Starring: SofaBear, Nemesis, Butternubs, and Saint Molotov

Running Time: 54min 42min
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