Wednesday, February 26, 2014

PNR #35

It's a video game heavy episode this week on PNR as we discuss: The ending of the Olympics, trying to understand how terrible games come to be, games based on movies, what happened to Soinc, our thoughts on BioShock infinte and the closing of Irrational games, a first person shooter rhythm game, people are idiots in cars, old school twitch shooters, our favorite first person shooters, Mechwarrior Online, and the incredible racism in the game Prey.Starring: SofaBear, Nemesis, and ButternubsRunning Time: 52min 32sec
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

PNR #34

This week on PNR #34 we realize we're getting older as we disucss: the Gummy Bears TV show, the origin of Furries, the most awkward slave Leia costume ever, SofaBear and Nemesis' Pokemon counterparts, our favorite Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters, we look at a list of conspiracy theories, ancient civilization tax documents, and another look at creating the Butternub.
Starring: SofaBear, Nemesis, and Butternub
Running Time: 50min 01sec
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PNR #33

Nemesis is back from Sasquatch hunting to discuss: winter olympics antics, the dumbest plane hijacker ever, why bowling should be in the olympics, the magic healing at the world cup, a shameful email from BigLaw, hilarious holiday cards, stupid people encountered in tech support, and ButterNubs true form.
Starring: SofaBear, Nemesis, and Butternubs
Running Time: 47min 30sec
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

PNR #32

It's near chaos on this drunken episode of PNR as we discuss: BigLaw's wedding colors, music not to play at weddings, Odin's Grandson and Christmas, the hidden candy aisle at office supply stores, convincing people South Park is a real location, our guest hosts drinking past, casual racism vs racism, ancient aliens, Saint Molotov's poor taste in wine, and a brief talk about the Xmen
Starring: SofaBear, Butternubs, BigLaw, Saint Molotov, and Dr. Girlfiend
Running Time: 49min 57sec
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